Q:  What is the site’s goal, really?

A:  In case you haven’t been noticing, the din over sexual abuse and assault is getting louder and louder around the world.  We have a chance to change the world’s views if we work now.  We must keep speaking out while the atrocities are still in the forefront of the media’s and the public’s minds.  It’s how we make progress.

Q:  Who are you?

A:  I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, incest, acquaintance rape, stranger oral rape, and molestation by a respected religious figure.  I am still just surviving and have many uphill battles in my future.  But, my main goal in life is to help others who have been through this, prevent others from going through it, and seek justice for the perpetrators.  I hope to do my part by being loud and obnoxious and not going away until someone listens.

Q: Why are your personal battles mentioned here?

A:  Well, I haven’t had the opportunity to fight much more than my own battles.  Many survivors have inspired me to take action and I hope that the more information out there, the more battles are won.  Maybe when someone, anyone, sees what really goes on with sexual abuse and assault, they will speak out.  Survivor or not.

Q:  Why are you addressing this National Spiritual Assembly in your posts?  And why did you name the person who assaulted you (isn’t that slanderous/libelous)?

A:  I address the NSA directly because they have informed me that they know about this blog and they are displeased.  Within a few days of my blog hits increasing from 1 to about 20-50, I received a phone call telling me they knew of it.  I now have about 150 hits from the U.S. within the last week (and I doubt I found dozens of readers within a few day span).  Therefore, they are spying.  They are watching everything I say and I’m sure they would use the excuse that my blog is public in order to deny that they are invading my privacy.  However, I do not identify myself on this blog and I see their incessant reading as invasion.  As for why I named my assailant… well, he confessed.  The only harm in mentioning his name is people will find out what a monster he was (as he is now dead).  And his confession notes were not “religious property” as the NSA might try to imply.  So, I just tell it like it is.

Q:  You have incorrect information/mistakes/dead links/etc…

A:  Oh, do I?  PLEASE leave me a comment!  I want this site as fully functional and accurate as possible.  I honestly love having my mistakes corrected. 🙂

More to come…


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