Still alive

After getting the state attorney general involved in my attempt at accessing my records, things seem to be stalling yet again.  Over 3 weeks of waiting to hear back from them without anything.  They say my records should be public… Childrens’ Services say my records are not public – despite the fact that the investigations have been closed for years and all children involved are well into adulthood.  The attorney general’s office seemed to be so determined to get my records for me… and then they just dropped everything.  It’s hard not to take this personally.  It’s hard to see that all the missing information (and hidden information) is just a coincidence… there is no reason or method behind it… it’s all coincidence.  All of those people who died before their 60s (or even their 40s), all the missing documents that are supposed to never be destroyed, all of the people who start to help but suddenly stop without any further contact.  It’s all coincidence.  No one’s hiding anything from me.

I will be back to report if anything changes.

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