You… the person searching for Houshang Ma’ani….

Unless you are a sexual assault/abuse survivor, would you mind terribly leaving me alone in my thoughts and expressions.  This site really does not concern you.  I assume you are a Baha’i and by continuing to “check up” on me and what I write, you are merely exhibiting a need for gossip.  May I remind you that gossiping is against Baha’i law?  At very least, educate yourself on PTSD and see how disconcerting your actions may be for someone who has it.  I refuse to wish you the same uncomfortability in your life, but your lack of respect for your fellow humans is obvious.  Please leave me alone so I can continue to tell MY story as I see fit to whomever actually wants to listen – not for an audience who is there to judge me.

On a side note for those who actually read this for whatever legitimate reason – sorry for my lack of posts.  I have been battling the government for the right to my childhood records.  It’s proving to be a losing battle, but I won’t give up.

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