Public Service Announcements

One thing I don’t see much of anymore on television is the old familiar PSA.  Maybe I don’t watch enough tv anymore… or maybe no one cares enough.  I decided to gather a collection of PSAs regarding sexual assault/abuse in case you feel like sharing with your loved ones (and maybe your not-so-loved ones.)  Please be careful, some of these are powerful and/or graphic to get the point across to the public.  If you are a survivor, please take great care if you choose to watch them.

Speak Out! – From RAINN

The Secret – From RAINN (specifically geared towards child sexual abuse)

Rape Awareness – staffordshirepolice  (definitely triggering)…. and from the other point of view This.

Tentacles – Dunkelziffer eV (definitely triggering)

I hope these can be shared so that others can learn what survivors deal with.  If you like the idea of me offering PSAs on here, please let me know.  I will gladly seek out more.

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