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Welcome to any new readers!  I trust you found this site due to my newfound popularity.

So… another college football coach has been arrested. (see here)  It appears Hoffner used his own children to make pornography for his cellphone.  He claims that the images are merely family photos.  Hopefully, the truth will come forward… and, hopefully for his childrens’ sakes, he’s not lying… just a severely stupid man.  But, I find it highly unlikely that law enforcement would find innocent images of children and charge and arrest someone over it.

With all the current hype over sexual assault and abuse (I have a reason for calling it “hype”), I can’t help but think of my abuse – no matter how hard I try not to.  No matter what I know, I still don’t know it all – I still have so many unanswered questions.  The news with Sandusky was that he was possibly part of a pedophile ring.  My research indicates that pedophile rings grew in popularity in the 1970s.  It makes me wonder if my father had been part of a ring… and whether that affected my abuse.  But, wondering all that doesn’t change the future for others.  My big concern, now, is the internet – where it’s easy to find anything and easy to stay anonymous.

I’m not usually one of those people who believe that video games can turn children into mass murdering monsters, but when it comes to the internet and porn, I believe that there are a lot of people looking at, and trying, new things they never would have before.  I strongly believe the internet is bringing new types of pornography to the masses.  Think about it, a 15 year old boy (sorry, not trying to be sexist) sitting at his computer and bored with his homework, decides he wants a little visual stimulation while his parents are out for the evening.  He googles his favourite sex act for some pictures… and, lo and behold, there are all sorts of images he didn’t ask for in his search.  With a typical internet search engine (filters off), you’ll find hetero and homosexual sex, toys, animals, ages usually ranging from 17 (and some look younger) to 85, animation, drawings, stories, videos, etc.  All the kid was hoping to find was an image of oral sex – and he’s just found a plethora of new ideas.  As he browses through the images, he gets more and more excited… do you honestly think he’s going to care at that point what shows on his screen?  He might see a few images of children – but he’s not seeing them as children anymore, he’s seeing them as someone involved in a sex act.  Plus, he’s 15… a 12 or 13 year old might not seem that young to him.  So, he looks… he enjoys.  A few weeks later, he looks for more just like that because that one has “gotten old.”

A year passes and he’s found a lot of similar sites with similar pictures – it’s not doing any harm, he’s just seeking out his own interests and enjoying pictures, right?

Two more years pass, he’s hooked on finding young people performing sex acts.  He knows it’s wrong, but the thrill of being wrong only increases his excitement – the thought of taboo sex can be quite scintillating.  All he needs to do is make sure no one sees what websites he’s visited.

Three more years, he’s now 21… he’s been everywhere he can be on the internet – he can’t find anything he hasn’t seen a million times before.  It’s boring and what’s available to him doesn’t do what it used to do for him.  Sure, he has a partner who excites him – but it’s never quite as good.  Sure, the partner is real life, the sense of touch is better than a picture… but something is always missing.  That’s where it all falls down.  Sex chat with minors online… finding minors who want to have sex with him… convincing children to have sex… forcing children to have sex.

It’s a logical progression… granted, it doesn’t happen to most people, but it is logical enough for it to happen.  How many pedophiles out there got their start from “acceptable” porn?  How many of them would have had an interest in children if they had never seen images of child sexual abuse?

The same could be said of any form of porn or sex, really.  How many people interested in S&M need more radical acts of masochism or sadism to reach the same level of arousal?  How many people who cheat love the rush so much that they seek out even more affairs?  I’m not putting either of those into a category with sexual abuse and assault – don’t get me wrong!!!  But, humans have a tendency to need more as they become desensitized to any form of stimulation.

In the case of child exploitation, I would be willing to believe that some people have run across it “accidentally” and just kept going.  The thing those people don’t think about when they first see it is that those children were real.  They were forced against their will to perform acts that ruined their lives.  They were physically, mentally and spiritually broken because of what happened to them in those images.  It doesn’t matter if they’re not crying… it was well beyond their capabilities to cry, probably – as in, they were physically unable to cry.  They don’t think about the fact that those children were doing those things because they thought their life (or someone else’s) was in danger.  They don’t see that those children are harmed because they don’t see broken bones, bruises or deep wounds.  But the sexual abuse that is happening to them in those images is just as bad, and often worse, than a broken bone.

But, it’s easy to ignore pain.  Most people don’t want to acknowledge pain.  If pain exists, that means the world isn’t easy and happy and all about money.  If pain exists, that means they didn’t do everything they could to make this world a better place.  So, for their own comfort, people choose to ignore the pain and twist horrifying experiences into something they can get selfish pleasure from.

… and with this filth out there, PETA is worried about photographic exploitation of animals.

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