As time progresses…

It unnerves me a bit to know that I’m being spied on by the National Spiritual Assembly.  These are my private thoughts.  Yes, this blog is public, but I write it anonymously.  Only those who already know my stories know who I am… well, except the NSA.  They know my identity, they now know things that really aren’t of their concern.  I don’t mind being a faceless author of my life experiences, but when they know who’s writing this, it feels like a true invasion of privacy.  I know, for a fact, that they didn’t just read what concerned them.  They read about my confrontation with my father.  They read about my background, about my goal for this site.

I guess at this point I shouldn’t be surprised.  It seems that the Baha’i Faith is good at creating a sense of self-entitlement amongst its members.  That they have a right to invade other people’s bodies and minds.  Well, read up NSA members… or the cronies you have reading it for you.  I’m tired of being used by you people – all of you.  What’s next?  Are you going to announce my struggles to the world?  No, you wouldn’t do that… I might get some sympathy from others.  It’s best to keep my life quiet so that people will think I am in the wrong and the Baha’i authorities are in the right.  Just a question… did Joe Paterno really die or did he secretly join the National Baha’i Center as an advisor?  Oh, wait, I forgot.  That’s out of line.  Dr. Ma’ani isn’t a pedophile because he only got caught molesting ONE child… the rest were all of age… which, according to the conversation I had last night, means that it wasn’t “so bad” for the other victims.

Just out of curiosity, does that mean a married man who has an extra-marital affair only once is not really a cheater?  He just made a simple mistake and his wife should exonerate him as though he did nothing wrong?  And, yes, I honestly expect a response because it’s obvious that the NSA members are much more inclined to read my blog over and over to spy on me (to the tune of over 100 hits in four days when I was previously receiving an average of less than one hit a day) than they are to type a simple email saying anything TO me.  So, there’s your challenge.  Tame the wild one.  Silence the noisy one.  I dare you!

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