A victory inside a defeat?

To sum up the confrontation with my father quickly, it went terribly.  He said it wasn’t him in my memories and that I should look elsewhere.  BUT… he could only deny abuse in one place.  He couldn’t deny it anywhere else – even when asked.  I may not have all of my mind available to me, but I forced a backwards confession out of him.  His responses, no matter how argumentative, have brought me some peace.  He knows I know.

In other personal news, I am preparing my lawsuit against certain religious authorities.  I’m ensuring I have all the paperwork I can get to prove my side of things before I announce who, what, where and when.  As for the why… well, if I knew that, I’d be able to solve a lot more problems.

More and more news is coming out regarding the Sandusky case all the time.  More men are coming forward with their stories of what Sandusky did to them.  More influential people are coming forward to say they believe what Penn State did was reprehensible.  This is the kind of progress we need.  People are starting their journeys to healing… and the public is getting mad and demanding answers.

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