The Freeh Report

Well, well, well.  So the Freeh Report came out today.  So…. Penn State isn’t as innocent as they claimed to be.  Is anyone really surprised?  I mean, other than the fanatics who still had their heads shoved up Joe Paterno’s dead ass.  I’ve read dozens of comments across the internet about how Joe Paterno was essentially framed… that there was no proof he knew of anything nor that he covered anything up.  I read the entire report.  I disagree.  I saw a man who managed to keep very little record of what he knew or said, but was fully aware of what went on – maybe even before it was brought to the attention of Penn State.  It’s not like one of his reactions mentioned in the report seemed surprised in the slightest.  He just didn’t want his football team to be scarred.

So, after reading the report, I came away with a hypothesis.  Barring the waste of oxygen Sandusky, I think Schultz was the fiercest monster of the group researched.  He seems to be the center of all cover up and was quick to twist everything.  Then Paterno.  Why Paterno… he wasn’t even interviewed and so little evidence was shown about him?  Well, because he seemed to turn a blind eye to it all.  An attitude almost like “Oh, thanks for the info… I’ll let you know if I ever feel like caring about this.”  He was protecting sports over children.  He didn’t want his players or his career to be harmed by this.  Next, let’s toss in Spanier.  Obviously, he is a clueless man with a suffering cognitive ability.  While he definitely covered things up and lied, I don’t think he had a clue as to what sexual abuse really meant.  I’m guessing he thought it was a bunch of kids trying to get attention – like so many people think.  He certainly didn’t have any idea how to run a university, at very least.  Then comes Curley.  Why is he so low on the list with the massive amounts of lying and hiding he did?  It became very obvious to me as I read the report that Curley was not much more than an assistant to Paterno.  (yes, I’m fully aware of Curley’s old title at Penn State).  Curley seemed to act in a way as though he would lose his job if Paterno was unhappy.  And sure enough, he was later described to be not much more than an errand boy for Paterno.

As for the lesser characters who have a part in this… Sandusky’s wife.  No, she wasn’t investigated in the report.  But, there is NO way she didn’t know at some level what was going on.  Don’t give me the “but it happens all the time without the spouse knowing” crap.  Yes, it happens all the time… and a spouse claims to not know.  In most of those cases, however, the spouse knows on some level… they just choose to deny or ignore it.  This happened for far too long and far too frequently for her to not catch on.  Do I believe she was in denial?  Probably.  But, she is as responsible as anyone at Penn State.  She let those children suffer in her own home.  I honestly wonder what she feels she got out of pretending it wasn’t going on.

Second Mile.  They also seemingly avoided any major investigation.  Whether the reports are true that they knew about this or not, this went on for years.  Someone noticed something.  No one did anything.

I will be very unpopular for this.  The janitors.  It does seem they grasped the concept of how grave sexual abuse of a child was.  And I even understand their fear of losing their jobs… they were right, in a football culture like that, they probably would have been unemployed shortly after reporting.  But, they knew and did nothing.  I couldn’t live with myself knowing I had chosen a job over dozens of children’s well-being, safety and sanity.  That said, though, I would be interested in knowing whether the eyewitness was truly traumatized by what he saw.  He said he never saw anything so horrible, so maybe he was.  If that is true, then I take a step back from accusing him of heartlessness.  Sometimes a witness can be traumatized, too.  I can understand how that *might* make reporting too difficult.  If that was the case, then I apologize.

McQueary.  He had a decade to recover from what he saw and report it.  After that much time, he MUST have noticed that Sandusky wasn’t in jail.  Ten YEARS to follow up and report what he saw.  I don’t care that others told him it would be handled, it wasn’t.  Ten more years of victims – how many children did Sandusky really hurt in that time?

The silence that was tightly held by everyone involved is an abomination.  Too many people think this was a bad day for these kids, but now they’re all fine as long as they act like “real” men and get over it.  Ask their partners, though.  Ask them about their triggers, their nightmares, their phantom pains, their health.  These conspirators were all helpful to Sandusky and no one else.  Last time I checked, knowing about a crime, offering a place for the crime to happen, and letting it continue was aiding and abetting.  But… honestly, I never checked the law books on that one.  I say the Pennsylvania authorities aren’t doing enough.  They could make examples of these criminals, but public opinion is too apathetic about sexual abuse for any proper punishments to be handed out.  Public outcry is too scary.

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